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Helping you find the movement you love is my passion! Forget punishing yourself with exercise. I can help you integrate more movement into your life in a sustainable, fun, and energizing way. 


I do this by teaching you injury prevention techniques using a variety of methods that can be used in all areas of your life. I can help you try new things and mix it up! 

Methods and equipment I use include:

  • Balance training with balance boards, Bosu, and foam pads

  • Strength training with free weights, kettle bells, sand bags, slam balls, barbells, bands, and weighted balls

  • Mobility and recovery work with foam rollers, yoga balls, and self-massage techniques

  • Aqua fitness (no need to know how to swim!)

  • Body weight exercises (good for anywhere including your hotel room when traveling!)

  • Cardio/Endurance training with machines, walking, and running using formats such as HIIT, Interval, and Circuit  

  • Outdoor Park Workout (Get your daily dose of Vitamin D and have fun!)

  • Dance (Salsa, Swing, and many other forms!)  

  • Cognition/Brain Training activities combined with movement (Lets prevent or delay memory loss!)

  • Agility training and coordination activities (to keep you light on your feet!)

  • Weight machines 

  • Suspension training such as TRX

  • Ground-based movement practices


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